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Default Re: Ubuntu for Android

It takes time to tailor an OS to multiple devices. I don't know what you expect. Apple writes the software for their devices. It's a smoother process than waiting for Google to release the code, then adapting/testing. Apple can test as they write it...

How is this fragmentation ruining the platform? All of my apps ran fine on Froyo, they run fine on Gingerbread, and they work fine on ICS (a friend of mine uses the same apps with ICS).

And hardware fragmentation? I thought the Apple motto was "think different"? [sic] (pretty sure it should be the adverb differently but I digress...) An operating system should support choice. You make a big deal about screen sizes/resolutions, but I haven't run into any problems with apps on different size screens. Hell most of the apps on my phone scale up fine on my Kindle Fire...
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