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Default Re: No GTX680 until Q2 2012

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
Yeah, I would like to just have one card to run BF3, Ultra with AA, just one 7970 wont do it and two is to much $$ so its a pair of 7950s for me.

Maybe Ill sell them later and get NV high end, I really miss NV but they are really lagging lately.
Two 7950s here, and I can run BF3 at max settings and supersampling AA at a smooth 60+fps at 1920x.

i7-2700k @ 5.0 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 570 2.5GB Tri-SLI
Asus P67 WS Revolution (Tri-SLI)
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PC Power & Cooling 950W PSU
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