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Default Re: Native Firefox performance vs Firefox in VirtualBox

Originally Posted by johnc View Post
Is the VB Firefox running in a composited environment (Aero)?
Doesn't look like it.

Originally Posted by Q View Post
It's likely a disk caching issue. The way virtualized OS's write to disk is far different than how it's done natively. Firefox likes to write to disk for caching quite a bit - these writes are actually going to be in memory longer within a VM.
What does disk caching have to do with smoothness of scrolling a small page up and down?

I guess I should run some experiments, like yank out the 6600GT card, or un-rotate the screens, or both. And try just one screen. There's just a huge (like 10x) perf loss natively. Gotta be something X11 related and the nvidia driver and my configuration.
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