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Default Re: No GTX680 until Q2 2012

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post gonna OC ? these cards do well, as good as a stock 7970. What drivers are you using ? and are using the CAP too ?
OC'ng has been hit or miss so far. I think it's just due to early driver / architecture bugs. I've been able to OC a single 7950 but not Crossfire so well.

I was able to OC a single 7950 from 830/1250 to 1000/1400 to run the Unigine Heaven benchmark on stock voltage. Boosted my score from 32 to 38 fps at 1920x with tesselation maxed and 8xAA.

I'm running the 12.2 pre certified driver linked in the Rage3D driver forum (would link to it now but the site's down.) Have installed all the CAPs so far.

Even on the stock coolers the cards run extremely cool unless I'm running 4xSSAA.. then they heat up and you'll hear the fans start ramping up. The highest I've seen them is about 64c when I was playing Rift with 4xSSAA as there are lots of trees out in the forests. Skyrim with texture mods runs them to about 60c.

If you get one with the stock cooler you won't believe how light the card feels in your hand. I've never had a high-end card that was so light.

I will say this: crossfire is buggy at the moment. There are times when I'll be running a game fine, then enter a new area and will get stuttering and slower framerates. If I alt-tab out of the game and come back in it fixes it. I'm going to report it to the driver team today. I've also gotten a few crashes to the desktop, so the drivers are still in progress with it being such a new card and a brand new architecture.

Even with the bugs Crossfire is worth it. Skyrim runs so much smoother than it does on a single card. (Note that I'm running the HD texture pack for 4MB textures that wasn't done in the reviews which hits the framerate a lot more.)

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