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Default Re: never been this excited for gaming system launch since the wii

Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
Mobile gaming is slowly dying.
Few people are ready to spend over $100 on a gadget that can only play games when most phones today can entertain you on the go. Sure, the type of games available is different, but most of the market won't care.

I have an Xperia play - playstation phone. A lot of games that were annoying to play via touchscreen are fantastic now that I have a phone with a true gamepad. Add the emulators it runs and i'm a happy guy.

When the graphics argument comes up vs. vita, I find some wifi and click my onlive app on the phone, fire up a game of batman arkham city and most people stfu

And I get to make calls, receive and send texts, surf the web, nfl mobile, youtube, 720p videos, etc.

Vita is a one trick pony with a crap ton of copyright locks that looks pretty but is extremely expensive for what it does. I also worry about what kind of develop support it will get in the future. PSP's was a train wreck.
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