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Post Re: firefox slow,jerky scrolling and misaligned pages while scrolling. Gnome3+Debian

Originally Posted by lui75 View Post
@Praka: Yesterday I've installed GNOME Shell 3.3.90 from ricotz's testing ppa and with today's updates of cogl packages firefox scrolling works much better.
I've installed nvidia 275.43 driver.
Why don't you give it a try?
I am on Debian Gnu/Linux and Ubuntu repository, will not want to try. however, I will try with Linuxmint which I have.

@devels: since, debian/gnome bts is not taking care of this bugreport, I appreciate a word from You if this bug has the scope getting fixed sooner or later?

@lui75: thanks for the idea regarding cogl. so, libcogl5(clutter) may be the core issue with slow/garbled 3D rendering.

I have gone through gnome-shell-3.3.x mailing list details and I haven't read anywhere they fixed this bug in mutter. if You have, please share. also, gnome-shell/mutter is at 3.3.90 meaning an imminent release of Gnome-3.4(even number=release)

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