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Post Minecraft Goes To The Movies

Minecraft has been popular for over two years now and it's time has come to put it on the silver screen. The modding community has rolled out the red carpet to bring famous film locales to Minecraft. From Lord of the Rings to Beauty and The Beast, these are places that you'll never want a Creeper to blow up.

Minas Tirith by EpicQuestz This mod has no all-powerful rings nor ring-obsessed creepy hobbits, but it does include the town of Minas Tirith. For those who don't know their Lord of the Rings lore, Minas Tirith was the capitol of Gondor during the Third and Fourth Age of Middle Earth. Don't worry; the armies of Sauron will not try to take over. (Source: Planet Minecraft)

Download Minecraft ' Minas Tirith Mod

The Burrow by lynchyinc Get a warm mug of Butterbeer and prepare for a round of Quidditch with this Minecraft map based off the Harry Potter series. The Burrow is the home of the Weasley family which later on became the base of operations for the Order of the Phoenix (will avoid going into greater details due to spoilers). Other Easter eggs such as a Quidditch Field can be found as well. (Source: Planet Minecraft)

Download Minecraft ' The Burrow Mod

BladeCraft by MrShortee Journey to a dystopian Los Angeles in the year 2019 where engineered organic robots roam undercover and retired police officers known as 'Blade Runners' must hunt them down. Unfortunately, Harrison Ford cannot be found on this map but MrShortee has managed to capture the neo-noir genre and fit it perfectly with the Minecraft world. We recommend using BladeCraft Texture Pack for the best visuals. (Source: Planet Minecraft)

Download Minecraft ' BladeCraft Mod

Jurassic Park by Master Ows For those who are too young to know what video cassettes are, Jurassic Park was a popular film in the early 1990s that featured a theme park populated with Dinosaurs. Like all things populated with Dinosaurs, things went bad. Now you can enjoy the theme park without living dinosaurs, meaning things won't go to hell. (Source: Planet Minecraft)

Download Minecraft ' Jurassic Park Mod

Beauty and The Beast by ilikecutepeople We couldn't leave out our Disney fans in this blog, this Beauty and The Beast map is for you. Filled with the precious set pieces that made the film so magical, you'll begin to wonder if you can romance a mutant pig (we recommend not). Search hard enough and you'll even find Christmas Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas, making this a great map for those who remember their childhood movies fondly. (Source: Planet Minecraft)

Download Minecraft ' Beauty and The Beast Mod

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