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Unhappy xvideo crash

Using X4.2, nvidia drivers 3123, kernel 2.4.19, Athlon XP processor, GeForce3 Ti500 card. (I have mem=nopentium in bootup line, even tho I'm told 2.4.19 doesn't need it).

Everything works perfectly, except XVideo use sometimes crashes X. If it starts fine once, it will always start fine the rest of that X session. If I log out (and X is of course restarted), then possibly the next time I try XVideo it will cause a crash.

After XVideo causes a crash, logging back in immediately afterwards, it always works fine (and again, will work fine the rest of the session).

The situations above about "aways works fine afterwards" may just be luck. No guarantees.

Anyways, other than this, everything is fine - what can I do to fix this? Watching DVD's is a pita thanks to this. ~,^
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