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Default 295.20 + Heroes Of Newerth, GeForce 8800 GT lockups

Running the game works fine first, but then suddenly I get colored boxes all over the screen. Next thing I know game stops, X doesn't get any input from keyboard. When SSHing to computer I see NVRM Xid -messages in dmesg and Xorg has gone [mi] EQ overflowing.. Won't happen in any other game I play and judging from the HoN console log it was doing something related to shaders. Killing things doesn't work, only thing I can do is reboot. Sometimes even that doesn't work as intended and have to force computer down.

It's driving me crazy since this occurs usually quite randomly (though found a surefire way to cause it by increasing the graphics settings) and I can never know if it'll crash or not.

Downgrading to 290.10 doesn't actually help with the problem.. took a while longer before the crash, but it still happened.

Running ArchLinux with kernel 3.2.6, Xorg 1.11.4
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