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Default Re: Syndicate sequel in the works!?!

Originally Posted by Darth Rancid View Post
After one or two hours of playing the New Syndicate, my opinion is as follows:
They have dumbed it down to levels that should be illegal. It has become an FPS on Rails. "Shoot at this --> open this door --> Do this --> Fight stupid Boss-Fight. --> Run about on top of a train shooting at people flying by on hoverbikes, and fight a gunship with your 30mm gatling gun, (that you can carry around)"... The train is however completely impervious to any weapons, (including bombs), the gunship carries.. so why not just climb down into it and close the hatch and wait for the gunship to go Bingo Fuel?

It is a Console FPS in Syndicate Clothing. Not a bad Console FPS, but, so far, it has none of the freedom that we so loved in the original Syndicate..
It's said that it's turned out like this. Another PC classic regurgitated into console trash.
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