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Originally posted by Rob_0126
It is true that console games can be bought at the store, and returned, MOST places, but pc games have some kind of copyright crap stuck to them, that hinders everyone, that buys a crappy game, to just eat it.

I dont believe in wares(I use to be into it) because it is plain wrong, but I do think that their should be some kind of way for us to play the game, B4 it is released.

Maybe for us 56k'ers, send out the demo cd to the stores, bout 2 weeks before the game hits. This would cost me a whole $5 to find out if it's a dud or not.

I have a stack of pc games on this table beside me, and half of them were crap, but couldn't find out without buying them, and opening the box.

I think it's a bunch of hog wash that we have to accept an unfinished product, because of 'copyright' laws. What about the laws that protect my $50 from crap!!!

You have no right to play a game before it is released. It is stealing. If we ignore copywright laws then why don't we ignore tax laws, murder, rape ect. You are justifying your impatients.

What about the laws that protect my $50 from crap!!!
This doesn't make any sense. It is a self centered view. Why should the government make a law for you pickyness?
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