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Originally posted by UDawg
You have no right to play a game before it is released. It is stealing. If we ignore copywright laws then why don't we ignore tax laws, murder, rape ect. You are justifying your impatients.
I said a DEMO. Do you test drive a car before you buy it, or do you order it over the net, with no picture of it?

Im not talking warez, Im talking something that shows how it plays.


This doesn't make any sense. It is a self centered view. Why should the government make a law for you pickyness?
Pickyness? Sense when is it picky, to put up $50 for a game, that is suppose to be finished?

Take 'Enter the Matrix' for instance. It was so buggy on release, some stores sent the games back to the manufacturer. The flaws were show stopping, and the majority of the ppl couldn't even get the game to play.

On a sidenote, I dont understand why, at gamestop, that they dont set up a PC to play the new games that come in, like the consoles are setup?
Why should the gamecube, etc, let ppl see what the game is like, before they buy it, and not us PC gamers?

You must read what I have typed, before you start making major leaps in conclusions about what Im talking about.

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