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Default "OpenGL Stereo" on QuadroFX 5000

We got a Quadro FX5000 and a Acer GN245HQ Monitor which can do 120Hz.
I have installed nvidia-driver 290.10 and nvidia-settings 260.19.29

Currently the stereo mode seems not to be enabled: both "glxgears --stereo" as well as a medical Software which can use OpenGL Stereo report that the device is not stereo capable.

I know that under Windows there is a Nvidia Control Panel where you can set something like "Enable OpenGL Stereo" (or similar). But under Linux there is no nVidia control panel, and the nvidia settings don't have any "Stereo" button (as far as i could see...)

How can i enable the Stereo Mode for this cards under linux?

Thank You

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