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Default Re: Help! Laggy BIOS

Originally Posted by Kain View Post
I'm building the desktop that is listed in my sig. I am still waiting for the RAM, fans for the H100, optical drive, and mouse. Just to turn it on and see the BIOS, I used RAM from my brother's desktop which is Patriot DDR3 1600 MHz. I used just 1 stick of 4 GB RAM from his computer.

When I entered the BIOS, moving to different options was sometimes laggy (there was a slight delay from keyboard input to actually moving to a different option) and once the BIOS even locked-up on me and I had to reset the computer. Was this because of the RAM?
Some configurations just cause issues. It's like the single stick of Patriot. The memory might have issues, might have its settings incorrectly detected, or maybe the wrong density. Have you tried reseating the memory? Have you tried moving slots?

When you get your memory in you'll know if its the memory or motherboard for sure.

I've also seen processors seating/cooling/defects cause similar issues.
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