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Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
You're kidding, right? I'm guessing that you haven't been watercooling for very long...

Tubing discoloration is quite common. The reason you don't see it most of the time is because guys use additives to color the water. I'm not using any additives this time because 1) it can raise temps by a few degrees and 2) the dye can separate from the coolant and clog your blocks under certain metal/chemical mixtures.

So no, the water is not "muddy"; it's just the tubing changing color from the variable temps of the water. Happens with most tubing. You just don't see it because of the colored coolants that guys use. You can look in the bay reservoir and the water is quite clear.
I think Roadhog was joking lol... He seems to be the most misunderstood here at nv news.

Looks good Xion.
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