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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Grats on the 7950s.

I'm using the 12.2 Pre-certified driver on AMD's site. It's also linked in the drivers forum on Rage3D.

Just to give you a heads up.. there's a bug I'm getting right now where my framerate will drop in a few games and I get some pausing and stuttering (Skyrim is one of them). ALT-TAB out to the desktop and back into the game fixes it every time. I've reported it to the driver team.

Haven't seen this happen but in Skyrim and Rift so far. Crysis I had some issues with. BF3 plays great. I'm playing Skyrim with the 4k HD texture mod, tree shadows, shadow maps at 8192 and ugridstoload at 9 (distance terrain mapping) with 4x transparency/supersampling AA and getting a constant 60fps.

Just keep in mind that it's a new architecture and there will be a few growing pains with the drivers. The 12.2 pre-cert is the first official driver for the 7900 series.

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