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Default Rocksmith is Awesome

I bought Rocksmith (PS3) for $49.99 at Best Buy last week. This probably one of the best purchases I ever made. It's Guitar Hero with a real guitar. I never bought Guitar Hero because the idea of pretending to play a guitar using a toy guitar seemed silly to me.

I have almost no guitar playing experience. I bought an cheap electric guitar for $150 (some are under $100). The game slowly teaches you as you play. When you start out the game just asks you to play a couple of notes along with the song. As you get better you play more notes and then even chords.

The classic Rock songs are excellent. Playing along to them is extremely rewarding. I'm hooked. I highly recommend this to anyone who has ever been remotely interested in playing guitar. And if you have kids it's a great way to get them doing something productive.
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