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Originally posted by UDawg
Byron's reply to Psy:

Dear Mr. Sizemore

Please stay away from my cars and my family.....

BTW Mr. Sizemore, it was a editorial. You don't like it, write your own.

Which I did ... with the intent the teach someone at the NY Post that editorials belong in the editorial section; not the business section!

P.S. The collumnist has no control over where their articles are placed. That is the editors decition.
And we're seeing such a lovely job that editor has done, haven't we?

If I were a Senior Editor at a major media publication and saw something like that float across my desk, I'd have sent it back telling him to make up his mind on whether he wants to give astute business advice or grind an axe before opening MS Word 6, ya think?!?
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