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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
But OS X takes good features of iOS and makes them available on the Mac in a way it makes sense!
Ok, fullscreen apps on a Mac is stupid, I agree, but the other iOS inspired features are well "ported" over to the Mac. Some of them might not be used a lot, like the Launchpad, but concepts like the Multi-Touch gestures, improved Mail client, Notification Center, App Store are well made with the Mac and its peripherals in mind.

MS just fails in this regard but I posted that already in the 10.8 thread

Metro on the PC is non-sense. And the normal Desktop on a Tablet is also questionable. It might seem like a good idea but keep in mind that most tablets will be ARM based so Desktop software will not run "out of the box". Even MS won't port everything...
Well this thread isn't really about OSX, but I agree, not all the iOS-like added features are bad. Apologies if it seems like I implied that. The gestures is fine if you have a magic pad or w/e they call it and it doesn't interfere with usage with a mouse. So I shouldn't have said gestures, I was more referring to the launch pad, which I find rather bloated and inefficient, similar to Metro.

But I really dislike this shift to making PC's more like handheld devices and tablets. The strength of the PC is its faster hardware. Don't give it mobile options and dumb it down to satisfy the masses. It should stick to what it's good at, which is high performance computing and the ability to use larger peripherals (keyboard and mouse).
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