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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

It boots up into Metro, which sucks with a Mouse/KB, but looks nice for a tablet or Intel tablet like machine (Gizmodo's demo showed a i5 tablet). It looked slick there.

But immediately I looked for the Desktop, which was Explorer. Then it looked like Windows 7, but there's no Start Menu. Hmmmm. So I hit the Windows key and Metro came back. It got a little frustrating to find programs other than Mail, IE and Solitaire. :\

My verdict so far is it looks great for tablets and tablet like PC's using TOUCH, but it's total suckage for Mouse/KB users who want a regular desktop.

Some pros: It installs quick, seems to have a small footprint, boots up quick and has a minimalistic install. It has a bing-like login screen which is your Windows Live account (?).
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