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Default Re: gnome 3 (or kde 4.7) / xinerama compatibility.

Originally Posted by testerus View Post
I also use Xinerama with 290.10 drivers on Mageia Cauldron with 2monitors, 1GPU.
KDE works for me (but yout might want to fill or comment on a bug)
Gnome3 does not and there are open bugs:
The common thing to kde and gnome 3 is composition. Is it possible that xinerama and composition are not compatible. I also think that there are additional things in KDE and gnome 3 that are not compatible with xinerama on multiple GPU. When I disable composition I get different sets of problems. The nvidia driver has also some issues. I do not understand why the nvidia driver in windows works with no issues, but in linux it is missing some things. There was never a nvidia driver in linux that worked without issues as the driver in windows.
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