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Default Re: "OpenGL Stereo" on QuadroFX 5000

Thank You for your reply

Are you using "Stereo" "3" Or "Stereo" "10"?
I don't explicitly use a particular sort of stereo - i only wanted do enable stereo for this monitor so that the applications with stereo options recognize the monitor as stereo-enabled.

Are you using external IR emitter Or monitor's inbuilt IR emitter?
I never found any info on how to access any emitter (internal or external)

I have found a test program by bob somers which allows the controlling of nvidias external emitter.

If you have any information on how to control the monitor's internal emitter i would be very thankful for it.

Another problem i encountered: If i remember correctly you need a refresh rate of 120Hz for stereo. By default this moniotor has 60Hz, but i k found out how to set it to 120Hz. However, each time i restart, it is reset to 60Hz. Can you help me here as well?

Thanks a lot
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