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Default Re: never been this excited for gaming system launch since the wii

I ended up getting an insane deal on the 3G version and being a huge wipeout fan, I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

It's a fun little device, I bought Uncharted and Wipeout. Uncharted is fun, as is wipeout, they both have framerate issues, Uncharted has a good amount of jaggies, but they both look great on a handheld.

Nothing on here yet is a must play, but then, how many must play games does a handheld really get?

It's a nice system for a long ride or trip, maybe sitting in the crapper with massive water shoots or for me, when the wife is watching something like Princess Bride on HBO but "wants me in the room spending time with her" lol. Ah yes, Vita comes in handy for these times especially. You married men know where I'm coming from on that one.
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