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It wont work on Laptops, even worse. It will work with Tablets but it wont be able to compete iPad especially because ARM version wont come with remote management features.
As I said this will be Epic failure. Luckily there is nothing that Windows 8 offers so people have to upgrade from Windows 7 therefore Windows 7 will stay around for a long time.
Umm, yea it will be successful on tablets, because of Microsoft Office, and not that ****ty compatibility that Android and iOS do. We're talking real, fully functional Office.

Dubbed "build 15" or Office 15, a beta version of the software will be released this summer and "be the biggest release of Office we've ever done," he said. "It will be a simultaneous release of both our desktop software and our servers and services as well."

To work on tablets, Office had to be rewritten to work on ARM processors designed by ARM Holdings PLC (ARM.LN, ARMH), which create the low-power, touch-screen features common on tablets. In addition, the new version of Office will feature the Metro interface that first appeared on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system.

"It's really a no-compromise device," DelBene said of Office on the tablet. "Think about having full Office at your fingertips, having it tailored for a touch user experience, having it be able to work on the go." And when users dock the device, it has a keyboard and mouse for "cranking out spreadsheets and cranking out documents," he said.

Next, Office would potentially include note taking on a new Microsoft program called OneNote that turns writing on a touchscreen into typewritten text, DelBene said.

He also said Microsoft engineers were looking at incorporating Skype into Office and several other products. Microsoft Lync already provides secure voice and video communication within the enterprise. Skype may be a channel to extend communication with consumers.

"Lots of our consumer properties could get lit up, if you will, through a Skype experience," he said.
No other operating system can compete with that. Businesses will start replacing laptops with Windows 8 tablets with docking stations.
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