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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by red777star View Post
It wont work on Laptops, even worse. It will work with Tablets but it wont be able to compete iPad especially because ARM version wont come with remote management features.
Source? You can use RDP on Android/iOS.

Windows 8 will never be accepted and will never work for Corporate World. Professional people wont use it cause of Metro being very intrusive and stupid and average Joe wont find it easy to work with. New UI is so ridicilous that people end up putting shortcut for shutdown script on their desktops. Microsoft went against all UI principles with this one and they are going to pay big ass price for it. I can't help but to laugh at this point.
Well, you're applying desktop ideas to a more server/tablet driven environment. Metro has great potential for servers. Widgets to control settings and instances. That's what you need. A desktop is not suited for a server environment. Widgets and command lines are.

As for the corporate world, there has already been a shift towards tablets away from more expensive laptops. With office and other features coming to tablets, this trend will continue.
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