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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by red777star View Post
You type 10 pages Word document on tablet and i will use PC Desktop with keyboard and mouse on Windows 7 and tell me how that works for you. Businesses wont be going to Windows 8 at all because Windows 8 offers nothing worth upgrading. They will install new office on Windows 7 and have happy employees with normal interface. That is reality and MS seems living in a dream world. Tablet has no enough power to satisfy my professional needs.
Dock uses a keyboard and mouse, so there goes that argument.

Companies aren't moving to Windows 7, most of them still use XP for compatibility. There's no incentive to move to 7. However, tablets are an incentive, and if they come with Windows 8, and it's nicely connected to their Windows servers, then you will see companies make the switch.

And not enough power? Right a dual core 1GHz cpu isn't enough to type a document.
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