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Originally Posted by red777star View Post
Maybe for certain Businesses but it is more than just Office. I am a computer programmer and for me Tablet is useless junk. Tablets will have limited usage by Admins and that's about it. Again Tablet will never be able to pack enough hardware power as Desktop can therefore it will always has limitations which are for the most part critical. When you look at Apple iPad2, it is pretty useless. It comes down to basic functionality so you don't have to get up from your chair in living room while watching TV. I believe Windows 8 will boost Windows 7 sale and i don't think MS will ever take Tablet and Mobile Market Share from iOS and Android.
Well no **** for people who have to compile. But the majority of computer users in the corporate environment are not programmers. They check email, browse the internet, write Word documents, make Spreadsheets, and make Powerpoint presentations.

You're applying your specific needs to an entire industry... You are not the majority.
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