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Originally posted by Thunderbird
Tvout can't handle such high resolutions and I don't think it is very great for the image quality to send it over composite (poor quality analog). Can't you send it over a dvi port or something like that?
Thats why the request says component video not composite.

I recently had my laptop (ATI equiped :-) connected to my Sisters TV via S-Video - which while analogue has seperate croma and luminance signals and the display quality was way ahead of what the same machine turns out on Composite.
My own TV only has composite so I had never directly compared the two before.

I have a 5200 FX equiped machine at home and I have run twin-view with the 2nd head being composite out. I find that good enough for playing DVD rips downloaded off the 'net, as the poor signal quality smooths out the crap encoding people do on those pirated files :-)
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