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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Well upon reading what you lot have said i think im gonna give W8 a miss ... Well until i hear more positive feedback.
If you want positive feedback you probably won't find it on this forum...

There is a decent podcast done by Paul Thurrott, Leo Laporte, and Mary Joe Foley called Windows Weekly. They did some coverage of it and there were a few little tips on how to make it even more usable.

One of the neat features that you can do is quickly bring up a context menu with shortcuts to power user applications. If you move the mouse to the lower left corner and right click it, a menu will appear with some of the control panel settings, as well as launching a command prompt. Another cool thing was that simply hitting the windows key swapped back and forth between the start screen and your application. This would make it a whole lot faster to launch your common programs since you don't have to navigate the start menu to get to it. If you're a user of desktop icons this would be very much like you hitting the show desktop button, then locating the icon on your desktop and clicking that. Even if you're used to pinning icons to your taskbar this would be one addtional key press to get to the menu, but chances are your mouse it already just about on the tile you want since they are centered on the screen. you could also hit the arrow keys a couple of times and enter to launch the app. The other benefit is that live tiles are basically like widgets which can display info about a program without even opening it up. On my phone if I want to know what my next event is on my calendar it shows up right on the icon to launch my calendar. So on the desktop this would be like previewing outlook without even needing to open it.

I do agree that a central search function could be useful to speed up certain tasks. It's very likely that one will be added because it's one of the features that is also present on WP7. I could see using a combo like windows + S to bring up the dialog, much like Windows + R brings up the run command. I vaguely recall seeing a magnifying glass on the Charms bar, so it might be present there. If you move the mouse to the top right corner and slide it down the side of the screen, you can access the charms menu.

I'm looking forward to give this a shot because it will make a lot of sense after using WP7. If you take 10 - 15 minutes to pin all of your recently used items to the screen it should be pretty simple to get where you need to go. Once people can make metro apps for it you'll have plenty of quick shortcuts directly to the things you need. On Windows 7 for example even if you have the network icon in your tray or one the desktop you still need to perform more clicks to get to your network adapters than XP. On WP7 I can click on a live tile and have the options right there to enable or disable my adapters. What I think would be really sweet is if someone took the "God Mode" control panel from Windows 7 and make a metro app for it, so you could just 1 click into a big list of all of the settings.

One other really neat feature that will hopefully become integrated was the file management. If you watch that podcast they show how you can use Skydrive as a virtual storage device. This would make it far easier to work on documents that you have in the cloud. You can open it directly from there, and save it back without having to download, modify, and upload the new file. They showed integration with several photos sites but I could definitely see other places like dropbox being able to use this feature as well.

Hopefully some of that info will help you figure out how to make Windows 8 more productive. I'm sure it will be a bit awkward at first but basically it's like using a bunch of oversized desktop icons. Hopefully there will be a way to scale them, but honestly you aren't going to want too many rows otherwise you'll get lost in all of the tiles.

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
Desktop is only 1 click or 1 button away but it really needs its own taskbar search which I havent discovered yet
Try Windows + Q, that should bring up the search pane.

There is also Windows + W for Setting search, and Windows + F if you just want to search through files. Have to see if maybe Windows + Q is a web search or if it also does all of the above...

The Windows + PgUp and PgDown sounds kind of intriguing... I wonder if it also maintains placement and size or not. I could see using 2 1080p screens with split view mode on each monitor. Then you could juggle many programs back and forth between the screens as needed.
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