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Default Re: Rocksmith is Awesome

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
It definitely is the best guitar games out there now. I have played a real guitar (acoustic and electric) on and off for many years now, and this is the only guitar game I liked. With the recent patch some of the complaints about the game were partially corrected. You can learn how to play the songs correctly with the game, but for me, I wish they added a tablature display option especially in the learning sections because you will find out with some songs (like the DLC for Pearl Jam's Black intro at master level) that you will miss some notes/chords cause of how tightly packed the chords they want you to play are. You really can't clearly see them and the fretboard display is just a mess.

The only thing that is really horrible about the game (PS3 version) is the lag. Depending on your system set up (PS3->TV or HT etc...) and how sensitive you are to audio lag it could ruin the experience or at least make it less enjoyable. For my setup I had to wire analog audio RCA cables to my HT receiver because going digitally made the game so laggy it was pretty unplayable for me. After switching to analog, it got significantly better, but is still (for me) noticeable. In the game modes, it's playable for me since I can ignore the lag most of the time because of the other instruments/voice. But in "amp" mode where you can just play the guitar freely using the amps and effects pedals you unlock, I find it unplayable because I can clearly hear the lag and it affects my timing. You can use an acoustic guitar if you have one with the electronics for it, I have tested it out with my acoustic guitar, but your perception of the lag is significantly increased because you will hear the note(s) you hit much clearer ahead of what comes out of you speakers (like an always on delay pedal).
I don't experience lag. Maybe my ear is not fine tuned. However, you can try either plugging an amp (clean mode) between your guitar and ps3 or using a spliter to send sound to an amp while muting the game.

I haven't tried these methods but sounds like they should work.
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