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Default Re: Doom 4 leaked screenshots

id commented on them.. they pretty much said they were not representative of what doom4 will look like. This probably means that they have doom4 on the table and will make it when money and development plans have been layed out, and that these are probably concept shots, either drawn or demonstrating what it could look like in the rage engine (since I can't see id using any one elses).

This thread has been pretty civil though, we all know these were what doom4 might have looked like if it went through a few years ago. I'm sure other parts of the net have not been so kind to criticism.

Armed, we are really at the point where graphics quality is up to the artist. Dx 9 vs 10/11 is probably a great example.. sure we have seen some great stuff in dx11, but we also see some awesome stuff done with dx9(consoles) when a top developer gets ahold of it.
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