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Hey Bones,

I have sort of abandoned Fedora in favor of SuSE at this point, as I have removed the former drive and set it aside to play with a new installation of SuSE 9.0.

The latest Yast and SaX2 utilities are much more mature programs now than I recall them from 8.2 and certainly the SuSE kernel support from the Nvidia installer ran correctly the very first try.

SaX2 then provides GUI control of the nvidia driver capabilities, including 3D, multiple monitors, TV support, etc; all of which was completely manual under RH and Fedora.

With Novell purchasing SuSE, we here have a sneaking feeling that the support will be better under SuSE going forward, and the Enterprise cost under the former Red Hat does not justify the half-baked nature of the "finished" product in my opinion at least for a desktop solution that will be networked locally with other Windows machines.

The Nvidia forum moderator seemed to indicate that nvidia feels that Fedora should debug the nvidia installer, and Fedora feels the reverse.

Honestly, I don't have time to waste with that argument and SuSE is the quicker fix it seems...

Thanks for your help, I will note it just in case I experience an urge to reconnect the Fedora drive!

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