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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I'm trying it out now as a main OS on one of my rigs. So far, I've already chalked up a few issues, but don't know how to report it to Microsoft :P

Firstly, with the NVidia nForce chipset drivers installer, the SMU driver does not get offered nor does it get installed. This results in an unknown device (co-processor) remaining in Device Manager. This can be fixed by manually going into Device Manager and installing the SMU drivers manually (it's a good thing the driver installer extracts everything). Still mildly irritating tho.

Secondly, the VIA (this is an Asus M4N75TD Board) and SoundBlaster X-Fi sound card drivers won't install because the drivers won't recognize the system, and had to be force-installed in Vista SP2 compatibility mode. They work fine after that. Granted that the VIA is supported by the Generic UAA drivers, but then to take advantage of the advanced features of the chipset, I need the VIA drivers. The X-Fi on the other hand, is unsupported by the generic UAA drivers. So getting the card working requires the only very outdated creative driver in the market.

On the app side, Firefox. Good lord, it's practically riddled with redraw problems. Buttons and the address bar intermittently won't get redrawn correctly, and before I got AdBlock installed, this forum is practically unusable- an ad appearing would render a gigantic black box over the entire site. Not sure if this is an issue with the Firefox, the 295.73 driver, or Windows 8 itself.

I'll be doing more tests later tonight.

One more problem I forgot to add: OK, no start button. Fine. How do I call up the Metro UI (which now completely replaces the Start Menu) without using the keyboard? Is there a gesture to do that? Cause touching the lower left corner of the screen (I also happen to have a Acer T230H touch display) certainly didn't help.
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