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Default Re: Rocksmith is Awesome

Originally Posted by MowTin View Post
I don't experience lag. Maybe my ear is not fine tuned. However, you can try either plugging an amp (clean mode) between your guitar and ps3 or using a spliter to send sound to an amp while muting the game.

I haven't tried these methods but sounds like they should work.
Yeah those are options, but not ones I am willing to do. I just don't use the amp mode at all and I can kind of ignore the lag now when playing the game itself.

As far as the lag goes, it is pretty dependent on the equipment you have and the chain (HDMI) between pieces not just your ear. I have an older HDTV (one of the first consumer 60" 1080p DLPs) so I think my main issue is that component. If you read around the net when the game came out, it was always a mixed bag because of the differing equipment people had. Some had horrible lag, some didn't. Supposedly the best way to play with very little lag is composite video + analog audio, but no way I want to try reading the notes coming at me at 480i.

Originally Posted by Yaboze
There's a PC version due 5/31/2012, this looks awesome.
Originally Posted by XDanger
Once this reaches PC the open source crowd will most likely jump all over the idea if its a success, Like UltraStar but less pointless.
I hope it reaches the PC. I'd definitely buy it again especially if people can figure out the file format and make our own songs. But it's a Ubisoft game, that's why I didn't hesitate to by it for my PS3. I think Ubi will either UbiDRM it to death in the best case scenario, but being Ubi, they just might cancel the PC release. This game was suppose to be release on all platforms at the same time then the PC got delayed and AFAIK no one answered if there would be DLC available on the PC version. I am sure they'll want to heavily encrypt the data to stop people from making their own songs. This game is a potential DLC gold mine, Ubi and the various music publishers will try to make it very difficult for 3rd parties to do anything. I think based on various music publishers feeling of Ubi having enough DRM protection on the song format will ship or sink this game from coming to PC so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.

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