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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I take back my reservations about not having a Start menu, it just takes a little effort to organize things on the new one. It's actually nicer because it's customizable, and a lot of the apps show previews of the information so you don't actually need to open them.
It's definitely a bit different than Windows 7, but so far everything is working great.

I suppose YMMV depending upon whether drivers are fully compatible. I have pretty much all Logitech stuff, wireless keyboard, mouse and headphones, and a Belkin wireless USB adapter, GTX 470 SLI, dual monitors, everything worked right off the bat.
It's really the best of both worlds, full desktop functionality when you want it plus having tablet-like applications also available.
It's also blazingly fast.

nekrosoft13, are you having specific issues with keyboard and mouse functionality?
I find that it's completely intuitive once you understand how it works.
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