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Default Re: Which Kepler Product Will Replace The 570?

Originally Posted by TheTaz View Post
This might help since it includes approximate speeds, but take it all with a grain of salt:

Complete Nvidia Kepler GPU Lineup Leaked

From the looks of the second chart:

Equal Speed-wise would be the GTX650TI
Equal Price-wise would be the GTX660TI ($400.00 launch price?)

But yeah, if you're looking for the "second fastest card"... you are looking @ $499 for a GTX670

Thanks, that does help a bit. I've seen this chart somewhere else too. IF this were true, that would mean that they've raised their price on their #2 card. If I were to pay the same amount I usually do, it would mean this time I would be getting the #3 card and that doesn't set too well with me. Looks like I'll be paying an extra $150 for #2.....sigh.

See, I only do a full upgrade every 4 or 5 years and then every other year, I'll upgrade just the video card.
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