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Default Laptop + 2 external displays - Nvidia Optimus ... Please.. help

I just purchased a new monitor, and a DVI-DisplayPort adapter.

I now have a 2 external monitors (one using VGA and the other using DVI with a DisplayPort Adapter) and a Lenovo T410 Laptop (model: 2516-CTO; with a NVS 3100m and it is Optimus enabled).

I am looking to extend all 3 monitors. So far I can get two and the third seems to be a hassle.

So far I have:
Installed Intel hd graphics drivers
Installed NVIDIA drivers
Tried to extend 3 monitors in both scenarios where the bios is set to discrete graphics and Optimus.

By this, I mean I go to display and try to extend them. In optimus my monitors always default to Intel HD Graphics, only in discrete bios mode am I able to get them running using the Nvidia NVS 3100m

No matter what I have done I still cannot get 3 monitors running.

I look sincerely am looking forward to any help someone can provide.

Thank you.
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