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Exclamation Re: Which Kepler Product Will Replace The 570?

Originally Posted by i SPY View Post
nah that's fake, at least GK104 part

Nvidia Kepler GTX680

850MHz Core clock
2 GB 5.5GHz GDDR5 Memory
1024 Stream Processors
512bit Bus Width
Priced at $649
45% faster than HD 7970

Nvidia has a clear winner in its hands and thatís why they have commented that they had expected much more from AMD. But still we already know that AMD is preparing its revised GCN HD 8000 series graphic cards, which may be release in the latter half of this year.

Nvidia Kepler GTX670

850MHz Core clock
1.75 GB 5GHz GDDR5 Memory
896 Stream Processors
448bit Bus Width
Priced at $499
20% faster than HD 7970

Or its all fake lol

So what I'm basically wanting is the replacement for the current GeForce GTX 570. If I am to understand this, the 670 will be the replacement. I'll be paying $150 more than I usually do for #2 card (single GPU).

The thing is, is it looks like the 660 and the 660Ti seems to be equivalent to the 580.....the 660Ti has a 384 bit memory interface just like the 580 does.

Right now I'm running a GTX 465. IF I have to end up getting a GeForce GTX 660Ti, shouldn't that be able to run all the latest games at their highest settings. Currently I'm looking at Battlefield 3 and The Old Republic. I know, you're probably saying TOR runs the Unreal 3 engine, but because it's an MMO, it runs just a little rough on my 465. I have to lower shadow quality and tree quality.

I'm hoping to be able to play all games at their highest (or nearly the highest) setting for 2 years. I'll be upgrading my video card in 2 years and then the fourth year I'll be upgrading everything, which would be CPU, Mobo, Vid Card and RAM. I'm upgrading my PSU this time, but I don't upgrade that every time.
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