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Default What is the stock VTT for 3930K?

What is the default VTT for a stock clocked 3930K? Is it 1.05 volts? When I enabled my XMP profile for my RAM, DRAM voltage was set at 1.5 volts and VTT at 1.2 volts. However, the VTT was not in effect and was at the default 1.05 volts. Every few weeks I would get a BSOD and also some monitor distortion problems. I upped the VTT to 1.1 volts but still got some monitor distortion. I then upped it to 1.15 volts and will see how things are.

My question is, since XMP stated the VTT should be at 1.2 volts, should I just enter 1.2 volts or leave it at 1.15 and see how things are?

All things aside, is the default suppose to be 1.05 for a stock clocked 3930K? If so, why did XMP try to enter 1.2 volts for VTT?
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