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Default Couple of game problems...

When I try to play Need for Speed High Stakes, I can only play it under software rendering, not Direct X Device... When I go to 3d device setup and change it to it, and try to start the game, it will load, and when the screen goes black, and I can hear my monitor click changing resolutions.. it kicks back to desktop... I use the latest Forceware or Omega drivers, depends on what I am doing that day... I also have a similar problem with Ghost Recon... The game crashes back to desktop constantly and soemtimes gets the BSOD "nv4_disp.dll" error.... and says something about "page fault in non paged area"... I've tried turning AA and AF off on both of these games, with no luck. My O.S. is Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1. Any help with these problems are greatly appreciated!!
>AMD Athlon Thunderbird @ 1.2Ghz
>512 MB PC133 SDRAM (1x256-2x128)
>Nvidia Geforce 4 MX420 64 MB DDR AGP (Forceware 53.03)
>Creative Soundblaster 16 PCI
>20GB Fujitsu/20GB Seagate (UDMA100)
>Windows XP Professional SP1
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