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Question Did I mention that the Painkiller Alpha is in the wild?

If not, sorry I meant to. I posted up a bit about it last night, but I woke to find out that Hanners had made it into a full-blown front page story. (I know EB has a front page, but only 'cause I get to play with it. )

.nfo from the leak:
nfo? you gotta be taking the piss!
all you need to know is that this is a late november build
of painkiller, the much anticipated shooter. this build is
labeled a pre-alpha and serves as first look build for very
few chosen magazines. it contains 3 singeplayer and 2 multiplayer
maps, of course fully playable, no ****ed **** like HL2 leak...
talk about "beta", my ass. have fun with this
reame.txt from the Alpha(e-dress changed by me):
Welcome to the SP/LAN first look build of Painkiller for PC.

This is pre-alpha code, containing 3 of the 24 solo levels that will ship with the game and 2 multi-player levels, namely :

- 2 solo levels - Cemetery and Town
- 1 boss level - Meet Alastor
- 2 LAN-only multiplayer levels - DM-Unseen and DM-Sacred

Multi-player has not yet been optimized, but should be able to support 4 on 4 for LAN play


To install the game :
from the CD, copy the "Painkiller - First look build" in your hard-drive game directory (ex : D:\Games\Painkiller - First look build)

To launch the game :
browse through the Bin folder (ex : D:\Games\Painkiller\Build 2 - Media\Bin) and execute PainGame.exe

Enjoy !

Recommended configuration for this build - not indicative of final product configuration :
2.0 GHz
512 MB RAM
Nvidia GeForce FX 5900

Feel free to contact Xxxx ( if you have any question or issue with this build !


Painkiller 2003 DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. Developed by People Can Fly. DreamCatcher design and logo are trademarks of DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. Package design 2003 DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.
More details as we find 'em out can be found here at Elite Bastards.
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