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Default Re: Doom 3 feedback thread

Originally Posted by holmes View Post
Sorry I'm late to the party.. Giving Doom3 my third go-through, this time with the Wulfen textures. Got to say, this game looks amazing. POM is a bit too much for my GT220 and was frequently dropping below 30fps in intense firefights. Playing at 1280x1024 ultra settings no POM and I'm in the 40-50fps range. But even the textures alone bring this way beyond what I remember seeing when I first played this. Worth dusting off your old copy for sure..
Another bump for an old thread. Sikkmod(sp?) + Wulfen textures...geez, it's like a whole new game.

Ultra at 1920x1080, with some sikkmod options lowered so it plays smooth on my 560m. Sweet.
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