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Default Re: Which Kepler Product Will Replace The 570?

Yes, I agree itīs still too early to see what final prices will be for the 670. I find 499 US too expensive comparing with the old generation 500 series but who knows...
Anyway, itīs always better to wait up to a month ( or more ) to watch those prices come down so I guess your best ( and mine too ) option is to wait a bit after launch to see which brand will have the best price for the 3D card you want to buy.

We know that probably nVidiaīs 680 will be faster than the 7970 but hopefully it wonīt be as expensive as its %%% in perfomance! Those prices are higher than last generation GTX500īs but then again, launch prices were quite a few times too high to early buyers so the best way to get your 670 is to wait until prices fall down and they will thanks to competition. Only God knows when they will come down after launch to a decent price.
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