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Default Radeon 9600 XT vs. Geforce FX 5600 +

I am in the market for a new mid-range video card under $175. I've been looking around on ebay, and have found a brand new Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 128mb DDR AGP 8x for $140, and an XFX Geforce FX 5600 Ultra 128mb DDR AGP 8x for $140. I'm not too familiar with nVidia stuff, I just upgraded from a 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 to this Geforce 4 MX420 and it didnt take long to realize that I had pretty much wasted money, because the GF4 isnt really that much faster than my old Voodoo... However it is nice to use 32bit.. If I had did some research last time and seen that the GF4 was just a beefed up version of the GF2, I wouldnt have bought it. Does anyone know any good websites that post honest benchmarks between these 2 cards? Also, a Geforce FX 5750 and 5800 could fall into the game also... a lot of people have told me that ATI makes faster cards, but suffer compatibility problems with the drivers... but as far as that goes, I have suffered some game incompatibilities with my GF4. Also, are the FX serier TRUELY DX9 compliant? I know the manufacturer of my GF4 advertised that the card was "optimized for DX 8 / WinXP"... and this card supports nothing of DX 8! No pixel shading or anything!! I appreciate any replies, and any sites showing any kind of review information comparing the two are great
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