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Default NVIDIA problems Mac Book Pro 5.5 #2 external monitor turns off

In recent versions of the nvidia driver on my macbook pro 5.5 I have encountered the following problem:

When playing a movie either on the laptop display or external monitor the external monitor "turns off" or goes to sleep whenever a movie starts. The monitor then wakes up and works fine until the movie ends when the same procedure is repeated.

This is very annoying since the external monitor goes blank (standby light goes on) for up to 90 seconds (while it wakes again). Since this affects all movie players (mplayer, xine, vlc, kaffiene) and I use many short animations in presentations this renders the laptop useless for presentations.

I've tried this on many different monitors - always the same problem. It works fine if I boot the computer into MacOSX.

[nvidia driver 280.13 / kubuntu 11.10]
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