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Originally posted by Shaitan
"You have no right to play a game before it is released."

From what I hear, there is no gameplay in the leak, so no foul play. Absolutely no gameplay at all. Infact, less than a demo. Basically a bugridden version of a few screens everyone has seen is all. LOL The most telling thing I have heard, is that, GSC indeed knows how to code, and you won`t need any monster systems to run it as many have been fearing.

IMHO the worst thing a dev can do is hype a game over 2 years or more. Valve did the gaming community an honor by waiting to announce HL 2. Thus allowing everyone to not get so antsy bout its release. If devs or those the hire for PR were more judicious bout hype, and announce 6 to 9 months at the most before release, and allow a timely demo, alot of the problems would go away. If not, reap whatyas sow I say.
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