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Default Re: Take on Helicopters

Take On Helicopters' Cougar now available

Whirlybirds and grease monkeys - Bohemia Interactive has released a major new patch for their latest game, Take On Helicopters.
Applying update 1.04 - codenamed Cougar - will refine the experience of flying across the wide variety of helicopter gameplay
by implementing a massive upgrade to the flight model.
It also brings an initial introduction to Java scripting and lifts all DRM-restrictions for users of legitimate installations.

To implement the Cougar update, players can download the installer here:
The Steam version of Take On Helicopters will be updated automatically.

Patch highlights:
  • Massive flight model upgrade (RotorLib 4.0)
  • Initial introduction of Java scripting
  • DRM-free for users of legitimate installations
  • FXAA and SMAA support added (new anti-aliasing techniques)
  • Time Trial functionality improvements
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