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Default Re: Official Mass Effect 3 Thread

Watch your asses, male Shepard players. Every dude in this game wants to ream you.

The game is very good so far. Mike89 hit the nail on the head when he said it's just more Mass Effect (which I think is a good thing). I really like that they removed the planet-scan and focused more on exploration and completing missions. I've enjoyed the story so far as well as the frequent run-ins with old party members.

I'm not sure Bioware's writing is up to par this time around though. Lots of poorly delivered dialog and some flat-out awkward conversations have broken my suspension of disbelief a few times. There is a lot of fourth wall-breaking fan service which, in small doses, is appreciated. But, for example, the Garrus calibration thing (which would have been hilarious if it was just one line) had its humor diluted by repetition.

The gameplay is basically Mass Effect 2 with heavy punches. The combat system has been refined as much as possible. It's very fun to play. Sound effects are amazing, the soundtrack is as good as ever, and the environments are pretty breathtaking.
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