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Default Re: Need advice on new rig and build

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
I would not mind upgrading the monitor, what is the sweet spot nowadays? 23 inch? The only fear I have with upgrading monitor means need a higher end video card. While now at time of upgrade that is no issue, but what happens 2 years from now? It going to be tough to play all new games in the native resolution.
The most common monitor resolution, once you're out of the low end, seems to be 1920X1080. That's available in monitor sizes from 21" to 27", from prices in the low $100 and up. (3D capable ones can be much more.) Some people use 1080p HDTVs as monitors, but I have the impression that may have problems. (TV makers don't always make monitor.inf files for their products.)

I recently looked at the 27" 2560X1440 IPS format, but I didn't buy one. ($700 up.)
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