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Default Re: Official Radeon 7800 series Review and discussion thread

Just not seeing anything that'd be a logical upgrade for my 5870. There is the 7970, but the price isn't justified for the performance gains over this 5870.

I think, for my own rig, I'm gonna' pass on the 7 series. However, I will use this money saved buy not purchasing a new GPU for other upgrades. nVidia may surprise me with Kepler, offering a power efficient, cool running, incredible performance-for-the-dollar card but I'm not holding my breath. No, I'm thinking my next GPU will be something from AMD's Radeon HD 8k series, or maybe nVidia's GTX700 series. I do like the sound of the GTX 770.

EDIT: I do like the 7800s though. Looking forward to those becomming available. I'm trying to put together a gaming rig for my little sister. Thinking one of these might do just the trick for her.
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